15 June 2019

Scottish Police College

Tulliallan Castle


FK10 4BE

After the great success of our exhibition we have decided to do it all again!

The line up is PHENOMENAL and absolutely not to be missed!

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Competition Schedule 

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20th Exhibition results are as follows:

Best in Show

Irene Burt (individual) with her Japanese pin cushion cake

MC 1 - Masterclass Floral Display

Silver and Trophy - Margaret Houston (Ayrshire)

Novice Division

  • ND 1 - Novice Celebration Cake

Gold and Trophy - Isobel Murray (Bon Accord)

Silver - Anne Marie Aungsoe (Edinburgh)

Silver - Lesley Reynolds (Individual)

Bronze - Debbie Paisley (Bon Accord)

Bronze - Susan Vicca (Bon Accord)

  • ND2 - Novice Cupcakes

Bronze and Trophy - Astrid Smolcic (Bon Accord)

Highly Commended - Angela Curran (Stirling)

Highly Commended - Lisa Weir

Commended - Anne Marie Aungsoe (Edinburgh)

  • ND3 - Novice Bas Relief

Commended - Edith Phaup (Edinburgh)

  • ND4 - Novice Floral Wrist Corsage

Gold - Jacqueline Buckley (Sheffield)

Silver and Trophy - Leanne Reay

Bronze - Diane Benson

Bronze - Melanie Dixon (Hadrian)

Highly Commended - Jayne Allonby

Highly Commended - Lynne Freestone

Highly Commended - Joanna Hardie

Highly Commended - Judith Wilkinson

Commended - Elma Berry (Individual member)

Commended - Jemma Dobson

Commended - Angela Newsham

Commended - Georgina Rimmer

Commended - Lisa Robinson

Commended - Susan Watson

Commended - Yvonne Wright

Junior Division - My Favourite Continent

  • JD (aged 12 and under)

Gold and Trophy - Daniel McPherson

Bronze - Emma Pigott (Bon Accord)

Highly Commended - Max Thompson

  • TD (aged 13-15)

Gold and Trophy - Heather Reynolds

Highly Commended - Jenna-Louise Newsham

Highly Commended - Charlotte Ritchie

  • YA (aged 16-17)

Bronze and Trophy - Morvyn Ritchie

Open Division

  • OD1 - Open Royal Iced Cake

Bronze and Trophy - Jacqueline Buckley (Sheffield)

  • OD2 - Open Sugarpaste Cake

Gold and Trophy - Irene Burt (individual)

Gold - Samantha Livingstone

Silver - David Curston

Bronze - Elke McPherson (Bon Accord)

Bronze - Cathie Simpson (Edinburgh)

Highly Commended - Anne Marie Aungsoe (Edinburgh)

Commended - Karen Bell

  • OD3 - Open Novelty Cake

Bronze and Trophy - Sharon Coffield

  • OD4 - Open Pastillage Mask

Gold and Trophy - Trudy Gillard (Crawley)

Gold - Lola Duncan (Edinburgh)

Bronze - David Curston

Bronze - Craig J Simpson (Hadrian)

Highly Commended - Cathie Simpson (Edinburgh)

  • OD5 - Open Freestyle Floral Arrangement

Silver and Trophy - Lesley Reynolds (Individual)

Bronze - Craig J Simpson (Hadrian)

Highly Commended - Sallie Bryson (Edinburgh)

  • OD6 - Open Miniature Wedding Cake

Gold and Trophy - Lola Duncan (Edinburgh)

Bronze - Margo Allan (Edinburgh)

Bronze - Doris Dingsdale (Edinburgh)

Bronze - Cathie Simpson (Edinburgh)

Highly Commended - Angela Curran (Stirling)

Highly Commended - Maureen Scott (Edinburgh)

Commended - Anne Marie Aungsoe (Edinburgh)

Commended - Ursula Brown (Plym Valley)

Commended - Sallie Bryson (Edinburgh)

Commended - Anne Thompson (Individual)

  • OD7a - Open Decorated Fruit Cake, Royal Icing
Commended - Dereick Rushton (Individual)

  • OD7b - Open Decorated Fruit Cake, Sugarpaste icing

Gold and Trophy - Jaqueline Buckley (Sheffield)

Silver - Margart Tough (Bon Accord)

Highly Comended - Carol Dow (Bon Accord)

Commended - Pam McConnachie (Bon Accord)

Commended - Dereick Rushton (Individual)

Branch Tables

Gold and Trophy - Bon Accord Branch

Silver - North West Branch

Silver - Ayrshire Branch